• "The quality of the Thermowear from Wheat is unbelievable! My kids wear it outside for hours every day and it does not show at all. My youngest is currently wearing a set that both her sister and her cousin wore, and it is ready to be passed on to a friend soon"

    - Ditte

  • "The merino wool set is the exact base layer I've been looking for! For ski trips or even just snow days at home- the fabric is so yummy and comes in the perfect shade of blue. My son asked to wear it as a pajamas because of how soft it was!"

    - Kelsey

  • "It's amazing - my toddler is able to go outside in all kinds of weather and she's always comfortable! With the merino base layers (sooo soft), the thermo set, and snowsuit we're able to dress her for the outdoors year round. I love that we can get it all in one place!"

    - Camilla



Pure hypoallergenic silk blends with breathable organic merino. The silk adds sheen,... 

Flower Universe

Flower Universe

Collect some of nature's beautiful flowers, take them home and press them... 

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Born and raised in Denmark, we believe there is no such thing as bad weather - only poor clothing choices. We're bringing you the kids apparel that is ever so loved in Denmark - durable and sturdy enough for the many hours kids spend outside everyday.

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