About Us

Danish children are taught that when they see a ladybug (a "Mariehøne" in Danish), they can blow on it and tell it to fly up in the sky, and ask for nice weather (it can be pretty miserable in Denmark!). Cute? Absolutely. A winning strategy? Hardly. Which is why knowing how to dress your kid for any type of weather is so important.

Mariehøne Kids was founded in 2022 by two Danish moms - Marie and Marie. We are on a mission to make kids ready for the outdoors no matter the weather! When we moved to the United States we received so many compliments on our children's outfits. And a question kept popping up: Where can I buy it? Now we have an easy answer. Right here! 

In our web shop you will find rainwear, thermo wear, winter suits and jackets, merino wool base layers and accessories in sizes 3 months-7 years.

Welcome to our little universe. Let's make outdoor time FUN!