In our shop, you will find a curated selection of our favorite Danish and US brands. What they all have in common is the beautiful design and high quality. And environmentally mindful approach to clothing and toys


Wheat combines comfort with classic Scandinavian style to create kids clothes built for play. With organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and a strong commitment to ethical & sustainable practices, your little ones adventure ready style is made to last. The quality is so high, that it can easily be passed on to siblings and friends!


Premium quality natural fiber clothing for families.
Made to last so the earth will too.
Choose well. Buy better.

Nui is based on a foundation of sustainable values. A culture rooted in consciousness, community, compassion, transparency and intentional design, that puts people and the planet first. We create high-quality, low-impact apparel in timeless, long-lasting styles using only sustainable materials and an ethical supply chain.