5 reasons why your kids should wear wool

5 reasons why your kids should wear wool

We love wool.

We both grew up in Denmark, and wool might have been the very first fabric on our skin. Wool is embedded in the Danish/Scandinavian way of living and raising kids. It's the go-to gift for newborns, the perfect back-to-school wardrobe and the preferred base layer for active, busy parents!

You can imagine how awestruck we were, when we moved to Connecticut and learnt that wool is not as common here, even though winters are even colder, and summers even warmer than in Denmark.

5 reasons your kids should wear wool:

1. Wool is temperature regulating, For babies that have not yet developed the ability to temperature regulate, wool is a must. Wool warms your kid when it's cold, and when it's hot, wool makes sure your kid can cool down. And how is this possible, you might ask? Wool absorbs moist and heat from your kid's body. Therefore wool is a fantastic fabric for kids that loves to play and be active both outside and inside year round.

2. Wool is resistent to dirt and water, because of the natural moisturizing wax in wool, called Lanoline, that repells dirt and inhibits bacteria. This process reduces odors. This is a super practical (almost supernatural) ability, that is not found in synthetic fabrics or cotton. 

3. Wool is warmer than synthetics and cotton, because of the small natural fibers. The fibers are more or less wavy, creating small pockets of air and thereby providing an extra air layer around the body. This insulates and helps you maintain natural bodytemperature. 

4. Wool is durableWool can withstand being bent 20,000 times without breaking. In comparison, cotton breaks after 3,000 bends and silk after 2,000 times without breaking. Wool fibres are less likely to break and tear because of the natural elasticity. The ability of wool to "spring back" into shape, means that woolen clothes tend to retain their shape better than garments made from other fibres.

5. Wool has natural UV protection. Wool absorbs the suns UV rays before it makes contact with your skin. Sheeps wool has a UV protection factor of up to 30+. 

Check out our selection of buttery soft wool, so your kids can start to enjoy the many benefits of wool. They might even find it pretty cool to learn about the super powers of wool!



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