5 tips to dress your kids for the outdoors

5 tips to dress your kids for the outdoors

  1. It starts with you: Let’s face it, no matter how comfy your kid is outside, the amount of time spent there, depends on how comfy YOU are. When planning for the new season's wardrobe for your kids, don’t forget your own! A jacket, scarf and gloves is a solid start. But don't forget a warm hat, warm boots and maybe even an extra layer for your legs! A full thermosuit is your best friend - and it can actually look pretty cute too! Stay tuned on our website, as hopefully you will be able to buy it here soon!
  2. Layers, baby: A woolen inner layer is both moisture wicking, isolating and temperature regulating. In Denmark there is a rule of thumb, saying kids should wear wool in the months that have an ‘R’ in it. Busy-mom-bonus: Wool has a natural antibacterial function, demanding less frequent washing! To learn more about the benefits of wool, see our blogpost on wool.
  3. All in on accessories: Be sure they have a warm hat (preferably a balaclava to cover the neck from cold wind - and making it hard for your kiddo to pull off!) and mittens or gloves. Woolen socks to go in their winter- or rainboots, too.
  4. Make sure they can move: There's nothing worse than kids being bundled up in a way, that compromises their range of motion. Make sure the clothes is well-fitting, so they can jump, run and dance. The inner layer must be extra tight fitting, in order for it to be moisture wicking. Thermowear is perfect, as it does not limit their range of motion.
  5. Snacks: Our kids might consider this the single most important thing on the list. Often time we pack endless amounts of snacks for our kids, but forget about ourselves. Take those extra minutes to fill your thermo cup with hot coffee or run by your favorite coffeeshop. Oh, what a difference it makes! 

What would you add to the list? We would love to hear your comments below!

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