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So why did we start Mariehøne Kids?

We simply couldn’t find certain outerwear options for our kids here in the US. And we are extremely passionate about getting our kids outside every day. No matter the weather.

We both come from Denmark and have moved here recently and when we meet other parents on the playgrounds around Fairfield County, we often get asked about our childrens’ clothing. The thermowear they are in when temperatures are between 40-60F is what gets a lot of attention. We feel it’s only natural that we should start our little business venture selling just that.

Thermowear is basically quilted polyester fabric. And the kind we sell is made from recycled polyester and is nice and soft, making it easy for your kid to move around. It’s also super easy for kids to take on and off. Which is a plus for you as a parent/caregiver and really empowering for your child.

Another great feature of thermowear is that it is great for layering. You can use just the jacket as we transition into fall weather, wear the set with a sweater and merino wool base layers underneath in mild winter weather - or you can use the full set under warmer winter clothes when the temperatures are freezing.

And if you want to get into the nerdy details, our thermowear from Wheat comes with a Bionic-Finish® Eco water and soil repellent finish, which basically means it doesn't get super dirty and you can wash less often. Oh, and the stuff is also windproof.

Our kids love it and we are sure yours will, too!

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