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Show Jumping Fence, Castle

Show Jumping Fence, Castle

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The castles of the Middle Ages had high, solid, stone walls for protection against enemy attacks. A castle had a drawbridge, towers for a good view of the landscape and a moat with water.
Over the years, many children have played with a knight’s castle in their bedrooms. Like knights, they have fought enemies or fire-breathing dragons, and rescued princesses.
Let your children get out into the fresh air where they can easily play the same game.
The by ASTRUP® universe features both hobby horses and riding gear, and a hobby horse show jumping fence in the shape of a castle.
Can you clear the high wall and infiltrate the castle?
You can set the fence at different heights, changing the level of difficulty according to age and skills. With 10-cm intervals, the pole can be positioned at heights from 20 cm to 80 cm.
The risk of falls and injuries are minimal because the pole easily drops if a child knocks it.

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100 % Beechwood

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, dry on low. 

* Do not put faux fur in dryer

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