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NUI Organics - Merino Adult Nature Socks Olive

NUI Organics - Merino Adult Nature Socks Olive

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The Merino Wool Nature socks are soft, strong, sturdy and warm. Choosing woolen socks prevents feet from feeling clammy because of the moisture-absorbing abilities of wool. 

The insulating effect of wool keeps feet warm and cozy, while still remaining breathable. They stay warm when wet and they dry much faster than synthetic fabrics. They are also naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant, so they don't have to be washed every time they are worn.

  • Anti odor
  • Breathable
  • Temperature regulating
  • Stay-on rib knit structure
  • Okeo-Tex 100 compliant

Size Guide

Don't size up - there is plenty of stretch.

Adults US Men US Women Europe
Small n/a 4-7.5 34-38
Medium 6-8.5 8-9.5 39-41
Large 9-11.5 10-12.5 42-45
X Large 12-14.5 n/a 46-49


85% merino wool, 10% elastic, 5% polyamide

Size guide

Care Instructions

Hand or machine wash in cool water - but please don't wash me too often, as my wool fibers will absorb and neutralize bacteria and odours naturally.

Do not use softeners or bleach. Line dry or tumble dry on low.

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