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Hobby Horse Stable Bundle

Hobby Horse Stable Bundle

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The ultimate bundle for any (hobby) horse fan! The stable will fit perfectly into any playroom/bedroom and can house two hobby horses (also included in the bundle). On the sides of the horse box there is a feeding trough and a hay rack and there are small black board tags for your kid to write the horses' names. Having a hobby horse is not all fun and games: they not only have to be fed and groomed, but you also need to muck out and keep the stable neat and tidy. Introducing the mest boy set:-)

Bundle includes:

- 1 stable

- 2 hobby horses, 1 blonde and 1 spotted (contact us if you would like a different color than shown)

- 1 care set

- 1 mest boy set


70% organic merino wool, 30% silk

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, dry on low. 

* Do not put faux fur in dryer

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