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Flower Press

Flower Press

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Collect some of nature's beautiful flowers and press them in the MAMAMEMO® flower press. Save the flowers as mementos and make pretty personal pictures, prints, cards and jewellery out of them.

Flower pressing is a perfect all-year-round activity that both you and your kid will enjoy. Pick and press snowdrops for Easter gifts, or pick Spring and Fall leaves and flowers. 

The flower press is 7.8 x 5.9 inch and comes with several pieces of cardboard, so you can press several layers of flowers at the same time. It has sturdy metal bolts, making it easy to adjust according to how many layers of flowers you want to press.

For inspiration in terms of storing all your beautiful pressed flowers, see this set of 2 wooden frames with double acrylic glass, where you can easily insert and replace flowers.


70% organic merino wool, 30% silk

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, dry on low. 

* Do not put faux fur in dryer

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