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Ring Riding For Hobby Horses

Ring Riding For Hobby Horses

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Ring riding originated in the Middle Ages, when knights competed against each other on horseback. Eventually the opponent was replaced with rings, since the tournament could sometimes end in loss of life or the use of one’s limbs.  
But things won’t get quite that intense when you and your friends play with this byASTRUP® ring riding set.

Gallop off on your horse and see if you can hit one of the rings with your lance. Make up your own rules or follow the rules of real tournaments, where you have to get the most rings with 24 attempts. If you both have the same number of rings, then you have to hit the smallest ring.
The winner is crowned Ring Riding King, while the rider with the second highest number of rings becomes Crown Prince.  
The set consists of a gallows, lance and 3 rings in different sizes. There is a magnet in the rings so they can be easily attached to the gallows. You can choose from three different heights - 130 cm, 110 cm or 90 cm - depending on your height and age.
Add a byASTRUP® riding helmet, shield and lance and armour for you and your hobbyhorse and you will have the best equipment you could wish for.

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100 % Beechwood

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, dry on low. 

* Do not put faux fur in dryer

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